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Why to Renew Your Domain in Advance?
Date: 19-Oct-2013
Domain name is the address of online business and losing the address means losing the business itself. So it is vital for every business to register their domain name for multiple years, renew their domain well in advance without waiting for the expiry date and protect it like an important asset of your business otherwise the domain predators are already watching out for your name. Continue reading →
How Your Own Domain Name Lends a Professional Touch to You and Your Business?
Date: 10-Jul-2013
A domain name is a tool which helps in building a professional image of a company who has business operations to carry out on the internet. The visitors or the customers are attracted to catchy and simple domain names which enable them to create an image of the company in their minds. Continue reading →
India is Going to Use New Internet Domain Address by June 2013
Date: 20-May-2013
It is a good news for all Indian businesses, professionals and individuals look to set up their own unique website that India is going to get new internet domain address by June, .IN.NET. Days are going to be away where getting a shorter and memorable first choice name is an arduous task, waiting a long time in a queue. Continue reading →
Create an eCommerce website that benefits your Business
Date: 13-May-2013
For any business owner, eCommerce websites are quite helpful for selling products and services over the web. Several companies bring forth sufficient income with the help of these websites. Developing an effective eCommerce site can be complicated as it consists of several factors, such as pricing, shipping policies and more. In addition, eCommerce site owners want to direct online security when managing a client's confidential personal information. Continue reading →
Get a permanent web address with India Internet
Date: 30-Apr-2013
Whether you need to give your business an online appearance, start an online forum or just have an informational website, getting a permanent domain enables users to come to you easily and provides you the professional appearance that reaches with having your own web address. Continue reading →
How to Register, and Domains in India
Date: 11-Apr-2013
To register, and domain, you will need to go to Ernet India Website and apply online with certain formalities. Continue reading →
Quick Methods to Execute Domain Registration Process Swiftly
Date: 14-Mar-2013
Planning to open a new business, part of the planning time should be invested in making a chase for a domain registration. Though some business company may not want an online presence, but they can normally better from having one. In addition, still if you don't need to hold your web address, registering it is an essential method in keeping your brand name locked.  Continue reading →
Domain Name Registration Services Company India - Make Your Own Website
Date: 23-Feb-2013
How to begin to deal with domain name registration for your site? If a couple of essential things are taken into account while picking the service, then the registration can be executed in an accurate manner. Continue reading →
Cheap Web Hosting Packages From That Start
Date: 22-Feb-2013
Possibly acknowledged as a trusted web hosting company, India Internet also provides a variety of hosting plans, involving Linux and windows-based hosting plans. Apart from these plans, there are some cheap options for those who are able to have advertisements & promotions demonstration on their websites. An extensive array of hosting packages is available for website owners who do not need to host an ad-supported site. Continue reading →
Importance of Payment Gateway services in India
Date: 25-Jan-2013
Every businessman, who is thinking to start an online merchant account, will surely need to think about hiring a payment gateway solution too. With the help of this service, website owners get a path for a sales transaction to happen. In a simple manner through this service, an online user has the power to pay you by transferring a some amount via his debit or credit card. For a website owner, this is the most helpful method as it really comes with other advantages. As an example, with the support of payment gateway, one can transmit monetary resources, transmit invoices and make payments.  Continue reading →